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"But we don't know the girls' side" Horikita points out.

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"That's fine. I've already checked the girls' side. Nobody sent the mails" Karuizawa replies to Horikita bluntly without any hesitation at all. Since she rules over the girls of Class D, her information gathering abilities are almost as fast as Hirata.

"...I see".

Of course Horikita, who has no such information gathering ability, has no other choice but to accept that answer.

"In the end, this exam. I wonder why the briefing was done with such a small group of people?" Hirata murmurs that question was though he could not grasp the meaning behind it.

"This exam is one that tests 'thinking'. In other words, how we think. It's not like every question has an answer...or something like that" Horikita replies to Hirata.

Indeed, it could be that only by seeing through those pointless bluffs, can we find the answer hidden beneath all the questions. It might be natural to assume that.

"More importantly than that, what I'm worried about is the fact that those four mails came in almost simultaneously. The window for betrayal is 30 minutes. But even so, having all the betrayals happen within the first 1 and 2 minutes. Is it even normal?" Horikita asks.

"Isn't it just...a coincidence?".

It seems from the perspective of Sudou who had just been listening in on our conversation, it may all have seemed like a coincidence.

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"When Kouenji-kun sent the betrayal mail, the response from the school was immediate. If we assume that they reply as fast as an automatic response..."

"The possibility that the mails were sent together at once is extremely high. In other words, it may be that it's one class responsible for all the betrayals".

Precisely. I also thought that there was no other possibility but that for four mails to be sent with that timing.

"It may have been that they timed their betrayal mails to let us know it was them who did it"

"Yes. I also cannot think of any alternative reason than that. And there's only one man who would do something like that..." Horikita said.

Horikita and Hirata naturally exchange those words. I'm just grateful this would end without me having to say anything unnecessary.

And there is meaning in using this cafe that we have used many times before, to meet tonight.

"As expected, you were here".