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Ria caught on well, so we succeeded in getting out of the stalemate safely. After that, Ria and I left the dormitory in a high tension state.

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And as we reached the main building of Thousand Blade Academy.

「Swimming Club! Please join the swimming club…!」

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「You there, do you want to polish your swordsmanship? How about joining the Swordsmanship Club…?」

「Let’s run faster, the Track Club! First-year students! Join the Track Club and let’s run like the『wind』!」

Swimsuit, martial arts uniform, short pants – Seniors, wearing their respective club’s uniforms, were handing out a large amount of flyers.

「What’s this…?」

「I don’t know either…」

As I and Ria gaze at this bizarre spectacle in mute amazement,

「Oh, you there! You have a good physique! Won’t you join the Judo Club!?」

「Wah, such a pretty girl! Would you join our Cheerleading Club!? We have a lot of cute outfits!」

「Ah, you two! How about the Mountaineering Club!? The scene after climbing a steep mountain, is irreplaceable by anything else!」

We were surrounded by many senpais just like that, and were handed a lot of flyers.

「Wowowow!? That is, I…!?」

「L-Let’s go, Ria!」

I grabbed Ria’s hand and ran towards the main building. Apparently they are prohibited from recruiting in the academy building, and immediately launched an attack on the next target.