Is there a net selling a cup on the Internet?

Is there a net selling a cup on the Internet?

What’s more, changing the mechanism of taking off the shelves seemed to be beneficial to these games companies on the surface. It would not arouse anyone’s suspicion.

Yes, that would be perfect!

Pei Qian explained the plan to Tang Yishu directly. There was the sound of typing on the keyboard, obviously recording everything down.

“That’s all for now, then. Is there anything else?” Pei Qian asked.

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Tang Yishu quickly said, “Ah, Senior, is that all? Only to relieve the malicious taking off the shelf. The other problems wouldn’t be resolved, right?”

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The other problems?

There was no need to solve the other problems at all. The current situation was quite good!

Pei Qian hoped that this situation would continue. That would be perfect.

However, since Little Tang was asking, he had to give her a reply. Otherwise, she might think that he had messed up and quit. That would be a problem.

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He could not let Little Tang take the blame for the failure of Dawn Games platform, or she would definitely run away.

Who should take the blame then?

Pei Qian really wanted to take the blame, but he could not!