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“Hmm, I don’t think so. We’re gonna focus our efforts on preparing for the ten events Class D come up with next week.”

In other words, no matter what Class D would throw at them, they were planning to rely on the strength of their own class to make it through.

They would come face-to-face with the truth, without being deceived by false information. It was a safe, reliable strategy.

“What can I say, Class B is really something else.”

Keisei spoke, his voice filled with wonder, before continuing.

“Wouldn’t you normally do whatever it takes to beat a class that’s above you? If stuff like spying and intimidation get results, it only makes sense that they’d make use of it. Honestly, your choice to take the high road and place your full confidence in your own capabilities is something that Class C would never be able to do.”

Even though on the surface it didn’t seem we were taking action against Class A, many of us were racking our brains for some way to find out information about them.

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“Who knows? Maybe we’re just not clever enough to do stuff like that?”

Saying this, Ichinose let show a small smile, to which Keisei spoke up again.

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“Well, I think I get what you wanted to say to us. If rumors began to spread because we carelessly talked about Shibata’s outburst back there, it would just end up broadcasting to Class D that their strategy is working.”

Keisei had discovered the reason why Ichinose had invited us to eat lunch together.

If Class D were to find out that their harassment had done damage to Class B, it would only end up adding fuel to the fire.

In which case, Class B would have even more to deal with than they did now. They were looking to maintain their resolve and emphasize that Class D’s tactics hadn’t had any effect on them.

“Indeed. That’s why I’d like to ask that you all do your best to keep this from spreading further.”