What game can make money

What game can make money

Making up my mind, I looked at Aguri-san’s… unexpectedly innocent face, and told her:

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“W-W-Want to have some tea with me?”

"─── What?"

…… Recently, I felt like I have been chatting up girls a lot.

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Uehara Tasuku

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I couldn’t help yawning for the upteen time. I usually walk or ride a bicycle for this stretch of road, but I took a bus today. There wasn’t anyone I know on the bus, and there was plenty of empty seats. I leaned my back heavily onto a seat, and sighed after closing my eyes.

I wasn’t sleeping enough recently, which was wrecking havoc on my body condition. If I needed to stand for a long time such as during school assembly, it might get dangerous. All of this was…

Amano’s fault...

Negative emotions that seemed sort of similar to the ones I felt towards him before welled up in me. Worst of all, the games he recommended were all interesting… No, I need to make a correction. Worst of all, except for the game made by ‘NOBE’, the games he recommended were all interesting. I was the type who would restrain myself in terms of entertainment, but when the RPG I was playing neared its end, I couldn’t help pulling an all nighter to finish it off.

However, the reason why I didn’t get enough sleep was different this time. It wasn’t because of a game recommended by Amano, but because of Amano himself… In other words…

Just what did Amano and Aguri do together after school was out yesterday ahhhh!

I couldn’t help holding my head, thinking about it again.

Basically, Amano and Aguri had no link at all, right!? No, or did they knew each other much earlier?

Aguri used to be a plain girl, and Amano seemed to have friends back in middle school… Ah, they might know each other. But, were they from the same middle school?

B-But usually, they will make that clear from the get go. Since they never mentioned it, they probably don’t know each other… No, thinking about it from another angle, are their relationship so deep that they can’t be open about it!?

The difficult question that would even stump Google sensei made me down in the dumps. I knew I couldn’t figure it out no matter how much I think about it, but that was why I couldn’t help thinking.