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“Ah, I hope you can ask that when you’re genuinely bothered by love…”

Aguri-san looked mysteriously regretful. She shook her head helplessly and stared at me again.

“Right now, I can only tell you one sure thing.”

“W-What is it?”

I answered with a bad feeling.

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Looking at me, Aguri-san’s eyes- glowed brutally.

“Even when you start dating one of them, Amanocchi’s life will still end up being- a joke.”

“I don’t want to hear that!”

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It’s like I just found out that I’m terminally ill. Eh, what is this? Can’t I have even a single sad moment in my life? Here I thought I’m in a pretty honest relationship. Also, consider how many days are remaining until White Day? I’m supposed to be at the climax of the story, right?

Also, …why do I have to see my “Shuzo Matsuoka-ed” ex-girlfriend and the mysteriously excited lips robber pulling a sled full of luggage together? Isn’t this strange? [He’s an energetic and passionate TV sports commentator after retiring from being a tennis player.]

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I can’t help but wrap my hands around my head. Aguri-san tries to comfort me.

“H-Hey, at least those two don’t seem to be fighting. Isn’t it great?”

“Well, I feel like it’s much worse than fighting…”

Someone’s a borderline slave to the other girl. That’s genuinely a hellish battlefield.

However, Aguri-san looked away and continued.

“B-But, at least they didn’t stop talking to each other. It’s a good thing. Yes!”

“Sigh, …I guess you’re right.”