When you write a novel on the Internet?

When you write a novel on the Internet?

She suddenly released me. Her face is much redder than when she’s hugging me.

I wanted to ask her if I said something wrong-

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In the end, someone smacked Konoha-san’s back brutally from behind.

“What are you doing!?”

She looked back with teary eyes. As for the person standing in front of her…

“That’s my line. What the hell are you doing to my onii-san?”

…He’s my little brother that still hates Konoha-san for some reason, Kousei Amano.

Konoha-san immediately retorted.

“By the way, why the hell are you here today!? The main goal of today’s activity is going to <Around 1> with everyone in Otobuki High School’s Game Hobby Club, right! You’re not invited!”

“Right back at you.”

“It’s fine for me, okay!? I’m a relative of the participants!”

“Right back at you.”

“You’re always so arrogant. Who do you think you are? You’re a complete nuisance.”

“Right back at-“

“Stop saying that!”

“-Shut up, cockroach. I’m about to vomit.”

“You could’ve just said right back at you!”

I feel like Konoha-san and Kousei are having fun. Let’s forget whether they’re having fun, at least it’s really lively. So, Chiaki and I walked away secretly.