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Spending four million yuan on a trip to Los Angeles?

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The entire FV Club was not worth that much money!

Wu Yue quickly said, “Boss Pei, there’s no need for that, right? Finger Games will provide food and accommodation after the main competition starts. That’s why the money we really need to spend is just a return flight.”

“Even if we go a week earlier, we don’t need to pay 3,000 yuan per person to take care of our food and accommodation. We can stay at a decent hotel with a double room near the venue for less than 1,000 yuan.”

“The accommodation arranged by Finger Games is better, but a double room only costs 200 US dollars a night. That’s about 1,400 yuan...”

Pei Qian did not like hearing that.

What do you mean? You don’t want me to spend money?

According to your minimum requirement, six people will stay in standard rooms costing 1,000 yuan a night, moreover, we are only going to pay for the first week?

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It will be impossible to spend much!

Pei Qian immediately interrupted Wu Yue. “Must we use the accommodations arranged by Finger Games for us? What if Finger Games’ accommodation cannot meet our requirements?”

“Do you think you can shoulder the responsibility of having your team members meeting problems after traveling all the way to foreign countries to compete? As the saying goes, prepare for a rainy day. It’s quite worth it to spend some money to eliminate these hidden dangers!”

“Do as I say. I’ll transfer the money over soon.”

Pei Qian hung up.

Wu Yue looked at the screen of his cell phone that had been hung up and fell into a daze.

30 people?