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To be honest, there were many ways to defeat Jawara.

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Keeping a distance with footwork and preventing the approach. Intercepting on the right. A barrage with magic Breakthrough.

But if you’re concerned about winning...

“Don’t look down on it. My left is too polite? I can be rough, right?”

“But I’m in! From the bosom...”

Jawara finally jumped into my pocket.

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“【Arcane True Zenith Thigh ———”

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“As if!”

“Ju, show me!”

“Eh!? A feint!?”

I aimed at his face and shot the left, and Jawara, who had been hit so far, crouched on the spot and evaded my punch for the first time.

And, right after, reached for my legs with both hands...

“You’re too focused on the top, and the bottom is open, kid!”