Online Money Project 53095

Online Money Project 53095

This story is fiction. It’s a fantasy world. Drinking and smoking by under-aged people, even further recommending and coercing, offering customers without checking their age, stealing the clothes of people who are drunk and took them off, are all illegal. A good child should never imitate these.

* As you pointed out, I made a quick correction because I was misinterpreted about my age.

Translated by: Sads07

Oh man, my minds gone totally giddy!

“Yeah, ah~, home ish tha way! There that’s it!”

But I’m feeling kind of aggravated, I wonder.

I feel like I can do anything now.

“Aah~…… Good Grief.”

“Oh, Bro! Whaaat~ you sitting on?”

“I can’t believe that took just one drink… Kakkaka, aren’t you young.”

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Oh, time to get excited! Or, why is everyone so quiet!

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“Hey, look! Aren’t you drinking, Bakatini!”

Man, then I guess I’ll have to dance!