Can I really make money online?

Can I really make money online?

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There did not seem to be... any.

The only point should be to make everyone laugh, right?

It had to be said that it was rare to see such a conscientious manufacturer who spent a lot of money on research and development, producing samples, and even hosting a news conference to entertain the public.

Cherish it!

As for the product itself...

To be honest, if it was any other product, such as a cell phone or a sweeping robot, the price would be too high or the product’s functions would be very useful after it was released. Everyone would definitely complain.

That was because everyone knew in their hearts that the manufacturer still intended to sell it. It was just that they had failed.

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However, this smart fitness drying rack was different.

It seemed like the manufacturer had no intention of selling at all!

If the manufacturer’s products had a small flaw, everyone would think that it was because the manufacturer was not capable enough. However, if the product had too many flaws from head to toe and could not be criticized, everyone would think that the manufacturer was performing and joking with everyone. They did not intend to sell it at all.

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Since the manufacturer had no intention to sell it and everyone had no intention to buy it, everyone naturally did not care about any flaws or problems with the price of the product. Instead, they watched the entire process with the attitude of watching a show.

It was just like setting up a stall outside. Anyone that said something was good or bad would probably not be bought at all; only those who kept picking on problems would really be intending to pay.