Online broadcast fortune telling money

Online broadcast fortune telling money

It was true that he could draw materials from regular life events like going to school, taking examinations, being hired, getting married, having children, and the like. However, it was precisely because he was surrounded by such events that it was so difficult to choose the most appropriate content.

There were billions of people in the world who were living completely different lives. The poor were miserable in various ways while the rich were prosperous in various ways. Which case study should Hu Xianbin choose to represent the poor and the rich?

Social strata were complicated. Some poor people were living in the sewers and in slum housing in the city. Some did not have clothes to wear or food to eat while others were in financial straits but could fill their stomachs.

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There were many different kinds of poor people and rich people. Two people could both be referred to as ‘poor’, but one could find it extremely difficult to understand the other.

Thus, it was exceptionally challenging for the designer to represent an entire class of society with one individual in the game. If he went out of line, people might say that ‘that’s not how poor people live at all’. Then, the entire foundation of the story would collapse.

How could he keep the story realistic and yet cause the case study to be so general that it could resonate with an entire class of people...?

Hu Xianbin felt like he was facing an unprecedented challenge. Li Yada was no longer there to pave the way for him. He had to depend on himself now, and he was under immense pressure.

Just as he was racking his brains, Min Jingchao walked to his side and knocked gently on his work desk.

“The plan for GOG’s event is out. Do you want to take a look?”

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Hu Xianbin shook his head. “I can’t handle that. You can take care of it. Anyway...”

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He subconsciously glanced at Li Yada’s desk and said, “As long as Big Sister Li and Brother Bao are alright with it, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Min Jingchao nodded. “Yes, I already sent the plan into the group. They didn’t say anything.”

Hu Xianbin, “There shouldn’t be a problem, then.”

Min Jingchao felt more relaxed as well, and so she returned to her own desk. Her computer screen displayed a proposal: GOG’s Creative Community.