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There was nothing that authority could solve. Then they could use some limitations!

Spoilers had a huge impact on the ICL league’s viewing experience. Zhu Yan did not dare to let his guard down. He could only block the audience of these spoilers and try his best to ensure that most of the audience could watch the competition.

Otherwise, before this matter was resolved, someone would continue to expose that the live-stream of the ICL league wouldn’t its popularity evaporate?

The supervisors received their orders one by one and began to kill in the live-stream of the ICL league. Soon, a string of banned red words floated up.

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However, the popularity of the live-stream was still declining.

While most viewers’ viewing experience was guaranteed by this stupid method, the problem was that most viewers already knew the fact that Wolf Fang live-stream was 30 seconds slower than Bunny Tail.

In the end, not everyone could ignore this delay.

What’s more, the active viewers who were banned would definitely be very angry. Naturally, they would not continue to stay in Wolf Fang live-stream.

Thus, a group of people inevitably went to the Bunny Tail live-stream and became the hot topic of others.

Zhu Yan was furious. He immediately took out his cell phone and called Zhao Xuming.

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At that moment, Zhao Xuming was in his office watching the ICL league on various platforms.

The other live-stream platforms were different from Bunny Tail Live-Streams. They were all fake figures, and their popularity was basically around two to three million yuan. Even though he knew that there were not many people in reality, such popularity still made Zhao Xuming very happy.

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It was great that the ICL league could be distributed!

It would definitely be a good thing to nurture and expand the audience of the ICL league. with so many live-streaming platforms live-streaming together. Long Yu Corporation would definitely not lose out.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.