Nursing dogs spread online

Nursing dogs spread online

Class C had only just barely taken the lead.

“An interesting match, this one.”

Sakayanagi expressed her thoughts on the match. It would be hard to say which team would win during the second half.

The second half of the match was set to begin after a brief four-minute intermission. However, Sakayanagi still didn’t make her move. Even though Class C was leading by one point, she still seemed to think that the two teams were equal in strength, and was instead looking to see how the match would play out. I, however, reached out for the keyboard in front of me without the slightest bit of hesitation. I made the decision and called for Sudō to swap out with Ike.

It’s certainly true that, at a glance, the two teams seemed to be evenly matched. It seemed like there was no way to tell how the game would play out.

For the last ten minutes, I had been quite torn over whether or not I should substitute Sudō into the match.


Sakayanagi let out a faint chuckle. It didn’t seem like she had any intention of letting me preserve Sudō’s potential.

Before long, Sudō arrived on the other side of the monitor, warmed up and ready to go.

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Even though it wouldn’t be surprising if he had his doubts about being called in at this point, his expression was still extremely serious.

From the looks of it, Sudō inevitably seemed to realize the same thing that I had.

“Both teams are evenly matched. Or, no, Class C is winning right now. Isn’t your decision to call in Sudō a bit premature?”

“I just thought I should guarantee that we pick up the win.”