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“If there is no one acting against him and all of them are going to be a one-man show, it would mean that the protagonist must undergo many mental changes to hold up the entire length of the movie.

“For now... even five times would not be enough.”

“Hmm... perhaps he could have someone acting against him, but not an actor.

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“Artificial Intelligence?

“Well, if you want to break the dimensional wall, the protagonist must control the fleet through the help of artificial intelligence. At the same time, the game itself has to be simplified which also needs a certain amount of help from the AI.

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“Since Artificial intelligence is to be present in the movie, it must be opposing the protagonist. Moreover, with the intervention of Artificial intelligence, the protagonist’s mentality will be able to change many times.

“Nine times.

“The protagonist’s mentality changes nine times. Every time, the story would advance a little and closer to the eventual truth.

“Moreover, don’t forget... the protagonist is a determined space fighter who doesn’t have too many expressions so try to present a contradiction:

“The plot is completely unexpected to the audience and brings a strong plot tension, but the protagonist is always strong, calm, and sensible. It is not until the end that there is a little emotional fluctuation, and every emotional change required shows a very subtle expression...

“There is only one protagonist; therefore, this protagonist must impress the audience.

“Tell a story and create a good protagonist. That should be enough to Boss Pei.”

Zhu Xiaoce wrote about 500 words, checked it, and nodded satisfactorily.

That was the essence of the story, but he would have to adjust and refine it repeatedly if he wanted it to turn into a script.