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Aguri: Professional game controller for hardcore players (sold out) (from Karen Tendou)

…Ay, after the exchange is over, everyone shared the same thought.


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Although we did say this is within our expectation, …even so, our hopes were brutally crushed.

As for me, …I rolled the face massage roller on my cheeks as I scolded at Uehara-kun!

“Why did you put a face massage roller as a present! Didn’t you consider the possibility of me getting it!?”

“Who cares about you! That’s what Aguri asked for a while ago…! N-No, wait, didn’t you buy a handkerchief for girls as a present? What a dull choice from an otaku that doesn’t know how to get along with girls!”

“W-What do you mean by dull! Look, didn’t Chiaki pick a handkerchief for boys as well!”

“…Yep, I got Chiaki-san’s present…”

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Tendou-san looked at Chiaki and me very awkwardly. …Uh, uh, well, as for Chiaki, …I guess she wanted to give it to me. That’s why she prepared a handkerchief for boys. …Yes, …that’s why, now that it went to Tendou-san’s hand, I bet Chiaki is upset, naturally.

Also, Chiaki’s staring at something with tears in her eyes, …the series of light novels filled with moe illustrations in her hands which she’s totally uninterested.

“…Konoha, why…”

“W-Why did you bother to ask why…”

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Konoha-san quickly died down. …I get it, Konoha-san. I can tell that’s a famous light novel written by the director of hentai games. Actually, she wanted to share it with a partner like me. I get it. While I do understand, …how did you not consider the possibility that your sister, the girl that hates moe elements the most, will receive it in the slightest!?

Moreover, Konoha-san is holding a leather wallet in her hand with a confused look.

“…I’m not too fond of this wallet…”

“I-I didn’t mean to give it to you! I picked that because I think Tasuku likes it!”