Online apple tree games to make money

Online apple tree games to make money

However, if a video had many fake reviewers commenting on it and they all appeared at once, that would have an impact on sponsored partnerships.

From the ordinary fans’ point of view if the product reviews they paid attention to used fake reviewers, that would definitely affect the objectivity of the reviews. Some fans might actually abandon this platform.

For sugar daddies and sponsors, they were mindful of these fake reviewers hired by the product review platforms, which would lead to a falsification of these platforms’ human traffic statistics. If they entered into sponsored partnerships with these platforms, would there be a backfire effect and ruin their own products’ reputation?

All these doubts would create a negative impact.

Of course, just a few fake reviewers would not strike a decisive blow on Fei Huang Workspace. However, this would become a rather vexing and messy issue for them.

Hu Xiao patiently waited for a while and then decided to go and see everyone’s responses on the video.

According to Hu Xiao’s estimates, only two possible scenarios could happen.

The first would be that the fake reviewers’ comments were so prominent that all viewers would jump on the bandwagon and pollute the comments section.

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This was what Hu Xiao wanted to see.

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The second would be Fei Huang Workspace immediately discovering the fake reviewers and starting to mass delete their posts.

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However, regardless of how much they deleted, people would definitely still notice these fake reviews. Furthermore, the fake reviewers were posting very swiftly, and perhaps then accusations could be made against Fei Huang for deliberately deleting posts and comments.

Two hours later…

“It’s about time! Let’s see what the results are!”

Hu Xiao took a look at A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life’s comments section. After looking through, he was utterly befuddled.

What was going on?

Why isn’t there scolding and cursing?