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The boy is already switched to his tantrum mode. I continued.

“Honestly, from the Gamer Karen Tendou’s perspective, you’re the worst opponent.”

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“What a kill! It’s too much to just insult me directly, after all.” Amano-kun kept scratching his cheeks.

To him, …I only gave a light, gentle smile.

“Even so, a girl like that is still intoxicatedly, happily, repeated playing against you…Why does that happen?”

“…Well, …uh…”

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Right now, even when my voice is low, Amano-kun seemed to have understood what’s the hidden meaning behind my words. So, he blushed while looking away from me. …Hmm, when he’s treated this innocently. How should I put it, even I started to get embarrassed as well!

After this rare moment, I cleared my throat with a cough. Although there’s still a bit of a blush on my face, I suggested to the boy.

“By the way, Amano-kun, …can we play for just a bit longer? Even when Amano-kun hates to play with a person like me.”

To my trembling words, Amano-kun…faced me again and gave the same shy smile I had.

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“Put it this way, a boy with a child-like appearance and less-than-average IQ like me. Even when I’m losing 30 rounds in a row, I’m still intoxicatedly, happily, repeated playing against Tendou-san. What do you think about that?” “…It’s because you’re a masochist?”


“I’m just kidding.”

We smiled at each other before starting the combat again.

So, today’s the same. We still companioned each other in front of the moving scenery of the TV screen, unpretentiously, and lovingly.

Translator: your_pingas

Otobuki High School, Class 2F, Keita Amano.

There’re only two things important about this person.

“Normal” and “Loves gaming.”