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“The third part will be used for daily operations, maintenance, and construction of the GPL.”

Zhang Yuan was stunned for a moment. “Huh? Boss Pei, you’re only using this bit of money to maintain the daily operations of the GPL? I don’t think we can cover the rent and other miscellaneous expenses of that venue, right?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Of course, we can’t cover it. We can’t cover it with this amount of money anyway.”

“In the future, we can sell tickets for competitions, we can have sponsors and advertisers. There are many ways to generate profits.”

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“Tengda is the organizer. Don’t always look at the small profits in front of you. You have to look far ahead. If you don’t have enough money, Tengda will pay for you first. We’ll talk about it when you earn more money in the future.”

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Zhang Yuan instinctively straightened his back.

Indeed, Boss Pei had a long-term vision!

He might not be able to see much in the short term if he were to spend this sum of money, but in the long term, it would definitely improve the ecology of the entire E-Sports industry!

Actually, Pei Qian did not think too much about it. He only chose a plan with the lowest chance of making money.

There were only three ways to spend this sum of money: either spend it on the league and promote it as much as possible, or spend it all on the club and modify the training base and environment; or spend it on the cultivation system.

On the other hand, it would be very easy to quickly improve its competitiveness, enhance it’s viewership, and attract attention if one were to smash the game to a league or a club. If that happened and many sponsors were attracted to the game, they might not even be able to make it through the cycle and start generating profits.

Based on past experience, this was highly possible.

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Thus, after much consideration, Pei Qian decided to focus on the cultivation system and build a budding training base for the club to support the development of GDL and internet cafe competitions. That would slow down the effectiveness and allow them to persevere.