Can I make money on the online distribution?

Can I make money on the online distribution?

The athletes’ values and club costs were fixed. The premium was more than enough to cover them.

The club had set up the GOG team for fun and recovered their capital by accepting a couple of sponsors and spokespersons. Now, by selling their team to outsiders at a premium, the club would earn a considerable profit as well.

What’s more, even if they sold the team now, they could easily return if they wanted to in the future.

At the moment, the entry requirements for most esports professional leagues around the world were easy to meet. The reason for that was simple—few people took part.

There were only so many clubs to begin with. No one would fight to be counted within the GPL quota.

How could an internet cafe team manage itself forever after making it to the GPL? It would still have to cozy up to a powerful club, wouldn’t it? He would be able to buy a club like that with just a bit of money.

Then, SUG would successfully be included within the GPL quota with an internet team, and Boss Pei would have to eat his words and warmly welcome the SUG club anyway!

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Pei Qian suddenly thought of something else. “Wait, I got another idea. I’ll give every employee an expense limit; they could spend a certain amount of office supplies and necessities within one cycle. As for the exact sum… en…”

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“One cycle every three months, every employee can get an expense limit of 3500 yuan.”

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Pei Qian actually wasn’t considering this; he was testing the system.

If the cycle was shorter than three months and the expense amount was more than three thousand five hundred, the system would not allow it.

Xin Hailu found this slightly obscure, “Boss Pei, currently, we do not set a limit for expenses for reimbursement for our employees. Including overtime taxi fees, business trips, etc; they were all reimbursed fully. What specifically was this three thousand five hundred referring to…?”

Pei Qian explained, “This is called a special expense. This money can be freely used to purchase anything related to work.

“For example, doesn’t Bao Xu like games? This money could be used to buy some cards or equipment.

“Or perhaps some employee already has a pair of decent earphones; however, if he feels that a better pair of earphones could allow him to hear the game sound quality better and would be beneficial for game development, he could use this sum of money to buy gaming earphones.”

Xin Hailu nodded and said, “I understand now, Boss Pei.”