Is the online WeChat team make money?

Is the online WeChat team make money?

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Most of the others now know about Huang Wang’s contract. They had different reactions to it.

Some of them were envious and wanted to try live-stream as well. As internet-addicted teenagers, the temptation of earning two million yuan a year was simply too great. They could also gain good reputations.

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Some were not very interested. Take Jiang Huan, for example. He felt that he was well-taken care of by the club, and it would not matter if he had more or less money. His mind was all focused on the game.

However, everyone was still happy for him even though they complained that Huang Wang was too noisy and drove him upstairs.

They were all internet addicts when they first arrived. They ate, lived, and trained together and had developed a comradeship.

Huang Wang was akin to being the first person who tried crab. He found a way for everyone so that everyone would have more choices in the future. It was not a zero-sum game for the players. The value of all players increased after the DGE Club became famous.

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Old Zhou surfed the web pages casually while waiting in line. He had Huang Wang’s live-stream on Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform open at the same time.

Sure enough, Huang Wang was working in a fancy way and showing off his muscles again. However, his popularity soared again!

The platform resources he enjoyed before and after signing the contract were worlds apart. Huang Wang was popular before signing the contract. His popularity soared again with the platform behind him, with a little bit of fraud and popularity rating.

The live-stream platforms were meant to ‘create celebrities’ after all. These live-streamers would definitely be able to be promoted to popularity as long as they had enough topics and effects!

In addition, Old Zhou’s keen eye also discovered that there were several official certified labels on Huang Wang’s live-stream channel:

Captain of Team Two from the strongest DGE Club/Great Master Performer/Invincible in Offline Matches/There’s fire where there is smoke...

There was even DGE Club’s logo at the bottom, which was rather pretty and gave a lasting impression.

Obviously, Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform was working hard to connect Huang Wang and the DGE Club, creating an invincible image of the DGE Club in the minds of fans.

Previously, if they were to search the keyword ‘DGE Club’, they would basically not be able to find anything useful. The club did not make an official website because there was no need for it.

However, searching ‘DGE Club’ now would get them a long list of results immediately!

The first result would be the live-stream of Huang Wang. The second would be Wikipedia. After that would be posts on various platforms and forums as well as news from many websites.