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Pei Qian had been paying attention to the box office of Mission and Choice for the past two days. Even though the box office figures were not bad, it was still far from making a huge profit.

That was because there was less publicity for the movie before it was released. The screening rate was also not high. Even though the attendance rate was very high, it was not enough for an explosive increase in the box office in just two or three days.

Puzzled, Pei Qian picked up the phone.

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“Boss Pei, I have something to ask you.”

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“Qiao Liang said that he wanted to ask me a few questions about Mission and Choice. He said that it had something to do with his new video.”

“This shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Pei Qian was stunned.

Qiao Liang wanted to interview Huang Sibo?

Pei Qian was very smart and immediately understood Qiao Liang’s intentions.

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Obviously, Qiao Liang wanted Huang Sibo to help promote his video! He wanted to use Huang Sibo’s words to find evidence to prove that he was right!

Pei Qian subconsciously wanted to reject it, but on second thought, the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

Qiao Liang, oh, Qiao Liang, didn’t you run into a bullet yourself?

You would never have thought that no one had mentioned the so-called “industrialization model” from the founding project to the development and sale of Mission and Choice, right?