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In the middle of all that,

「Sebas, as I expected, you are after all…」

Only the president pulled out her sword quickly, as if she had foreseen this situation.

「I am sorry, president. It looks like this is where we part ways.」

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Sebas-san smiled painfully, as he shrugged his shoulder.

「…Now, please go quickly. If you stay too long, it’ll become troublesome due to my position.」

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He said, and stepped away from the spot.



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Our gazes met. A heavy air permeated the place.

(No way, to think Sebas-san was one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle – in addition to that, the『Emperor’s Four Knights』, who reports directly to the Emperor.)

Since when did he start serving in the Black Organization?

Why did he cut down Gregor?

Why is he trying to let us escape?

A number of questions filled my mind.