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As a large number of clubs and top players gathered, the various Fish-Catching Internet Cafes in Jingzhou suddenly became filled with hidden talents, especially in the first Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0. No one knew just how many top players were hidden in this small internet cafe.

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On Zhang Yuan’s end, Tengda’s E-Sports Department had been established.

The members of this department were more complicated. Some were old employees transferred from Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games, some were employees who had been recruited from society, and some were fresh graduates.

At the moment, the eSports Division was also considering when to commence the GPL apart from helping various clubs to recruit and train.

According to normal circumstances, spring competition should be from January to April, summer competition should be from June to September. An international competition could be arranged after the spring and summer competitions.

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If it was the grand finals, it should be held in October. Apart from arranging for some sporadic entertainment competitions, the rest and transfer season would be the most important.

It was currently November and should be within the transfer period. The GPL league’s spring competition would only start in January.

However, the eSports Division and various clubs felt that two months was too long. The audience might not be able to wait.

GPL was a league with many teams and a high density of competitions. It would not be conducive for players to maintain their competitive standards or maintain the popularity of the league if there was a long period of blank in between.

What’s more, the clubs that had just been established were in urgent need of a more formal competition. They wanted to give their players more practice so that their teams could work together faster.

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The various clubs might already be organizing a training competition but there was still a huge gap between the training competition and the official competition. It was completely different.

Thus, the eSports Club decided to play a GPL pre-season game in December. Each club could choose whether to participate or not based on the situation.

If some teams had yet to be finalized, they could choose not to participate. As for those teams that had been finalized, they could choose either the main force or the reserve force to play. They would mainly use this competition to train their players while also warming up for the upcoming GPL Spring Competition.

The standard of competition might not be very high, but it would at least be able to entertain the audience.

Pei Qian had no objections to the arrangements of these competitions.