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Online typing is unreliable

Even while he dominated, I had incorporated miscalculations into my moves and by making a comeback, I had expected to shatter his spirit. In that sense, I suppose I did miscalculate a bit.

Of course, I simply misread his upper limit and it's not a problem to be worried over. All it means is that one extra step has been added to the process of shattering his spirit.

All it means is that Ryuuen will have to go through that much more pain.

"Where did you acquire that sort of strength? This isn't normal, Ayanokouji.......".

It is true that this isn't a level you'll reach by just getting into fights and what not.

I didn't answer, I simply closed the distance between me and Ryuuen step by step.

It's obvious that his sharp eyes are focused on me.

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"So you've been lurking behind the scenes even though you possess this much power. How does it feel? To look down on small fry day to day? I bet it feels as good as ejaculating, no?".

"I've never once thought of looking down on them or anything. Because whether others succeed or fail have nothing to do with me".

Perhaps he didn't like that answer. Ryuuen laughed while brushing his hair back.

"There's no possible way that's true. Humans are all bundles of greed".

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He rejects me, denying the possibility of an entirely apathetic being existing. Of course, even I feel many things you could call greed.

But that's a story for another time.

In all likelihood, nothing's going to change even if I play with him any more than this.