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“The official platform’s staff just called. They wish to discuss translating a foreign version of the game.”

“Huh? The official platform’s staff?”

Li Yada did not dare to brush it off. She quickly got up to receive the call.

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The official platform had Tengda’s office number; that was why they called the front desk directly.

Li Yada felt quite excited. After all, this was her first time speaking to the official platform’s staff over the phone. After exchanging a few pleasantries, the other party quickly dove into the purpose of his call.

“May I ask if you have any intention to produce Repent and be Saved in other languages and venture into the overseas market?”

Li Yada quickly answered, “Ah, yes. A while ago, I contacted a few translation workspaces. However, Repent and be Saved has high standards for these translators. We haven’t found a suitable translator yet.

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“We’re still trying to contact more experienced translators, but it might take a while...”

The other party smiled. “That’s great!

“The official platform was thinking about making Repent and be Saved the benchmark for games exporting Chinese culture. If you’re agreeable, we can look for experienced translators on your behalf. We’re certain that the translation would be authentic and clear.

“You won’t have to worry about the fees and other peripheral issues as well. We have professionals to take care of these things.

“We’ll think about producing English and Japanese versions first, and then take our time to produce the game in other languages. There’s no rush.”