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"You can discuss amongst yourselves which group you want to pick".

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The groups to aim for when picking would either be the Nagumo Group that Nagumo, leader of the 2nd years' Class A and student council president, belongs to or the 3rd year group centered around the older Horikita.

However, if you're someone like Hirata, who's acquainted with a lot of people from outside his own school year, you may be able to discern capable groups that you wouldn't be able to otherwise discern at first glance.

Matoba's group, first in line, chose the 3rd year group that Horikita Manabu belongs to without any hesitation.

And with that done, Hirata, second in line, carefully observed the 11 remaining groups one by one. His choice wasn't the other group you'd aim for but rather, a 3rd year group whose members I'm not familiar with.

"Oi, Hirata. Are this really ok? Isn't that student council president's group better?".

It's understandable that Ike would interrupt like that.

"Yeah. I think this is fine. Talented people have their appeal but the problems they bring with them would be proportionately large too. Besides, the seniors from the group I chose aren't half bad either".

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He confidently replied with that and nodded. If that's Hirata's decision then Ike too, didn't go any further.

This is probably the level of trust he's accumulated until this point. Then next up is the Class D group.

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Kaneda consulted his classmates, or more like, he informed them of which group he's aiming to pick. There didn't seem to be any objections since he immediately picked.

"I'd like Gouda-senpai's group from the 2nd years".

Once again, Nagumo's group wasn't chosen and another group ended up being picked.

"I wonder why they're avoiding Nagumo".

I muttered that simple question and from beside me, Akito answered.

"That's because other than Nagumo-senpai, the other members are of a questionable sort".

"Is that so?".