Is there a real money to make money and register for money?

Is there a real money to make money and register for money?

“How is that possible?”

“How can the publicity effect be so good?!”

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Meng Chang was completely stunned. He, who was extremely eloquent, remained silent for five minutes without saying a word.

This report was an analysis of the effectiveness of Tengda Corporation’s marketing plan during the Chinese New Year!

Before this, Pei Qian had wanted Meng Chang to officially start work after the Chinese New Year. However, he had to spend a lot of money on Fish-Catching Take-Out, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Upwind Logistics, Sloth Apartments, and other physical industries.

Pei Qian thought about it. Since he had already decided to let Meng Chang be in charge of advertising and marketing, why not take the opportunity to let him practice?

Thus, Pei Qian assigned Meng Chang a task. He asked him to come up with a set of publicity posters for the related industries.

Meng Chang began designing immediately after receiving the promotional task.

He would obtain more commission if the effect of the publicity was worse. Wasn’t that simple?

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Meng Chang made a set of designs very insincerely. All the publicity posters were in an extremely simple style. A pure-colored background with a logo or a picture of a shop was enough. All other information would be omitted. Ordinary people who did not know about these industries would not be able to tell which industry they were advertising when they saw this advertisement.

Meng Chang stopped paying attention to this matter after completing the task.

That was because in his opinion, the publicity effect of this advertisement would definitely be very bad. There was no key information. What effect could it have?

However, after taking a closer look at the analysis of the transmission effect, Meng Chang realized that he was wrong.