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"Now moving onto the important topic: the outcome. That will depend on the 'point averaged' from the exam results of every member in the six, large groups. It means the talents of the other school years will also play an important role".

Basically, an average point will be calculated from all 40 people making up a large group.

What worries me is the difference in the number of people.

If it's an average point we're talking about, even though it should be hard for inequality to creep in, depending on how the small groups are assembled there could be a considerable difference in the number of people once we form a large group.

The crucial thing here is 'how to form a large group'.

If this is an exam where we'd simply have to compete against one another in terms of academic ability then it's obvious the large group where all the talented students have gathered will win.

Conversely, students judged talentless will inevitably be chased out of the top groups and will have to form low ranking groups.

However, it's not like you're guaranteed to win out in this special exam just by gathering talented students.

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"You've gotten the gist of it to a certain extent, haven't you? Then now for last, I'll be explaining the most important thing here. That is, to say, the result of this special exam's outcome".

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So basically what we'll stand to gain and what we stand to lose, huh?

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Once again, the reason why we're divided based on groups and not classes should be hidden here.

"For large groups whose average points put them in 1st place through 3rd place, all their students will receive private points as well as class points. For large groups that come in at 4th place all the way down to last place, let's just say you'll receive a demerit".

The details regarding the outcome was, of course, also written on the materials we were given.