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“Yahiko, huh…? I guess she really was lying when she said she’d expel Katsuragi after all.”

Along with who had been expelled, the names of those who had gotten the most praise votes were listed. In Class A it was Sakayanagi, in Class B it was Ichinose, and in Class D it was Kaneda. Kaneda had gotten the fewest, with a total of twenty-seven votes, whereas Ichinose had ended up with a stunning total of ninety-eight. Considering that most of Class A had used their praise votes on me, it was clear just how much everyone valued Ichinose.

Behind me, another student appeared, likely to check the results of the exam for himself.

It was Katsuragi, and at almost the same time, Ryūen showed up as well.

“So you didn’t get expelled either, Katsuragi.”

“…I could say the same to you. Out of everyone, I thought you’d be the one to go.”

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“Kuku. It seems like the Grim Reaper has taken pity on me.”

“The Grim Reaper, is it?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like you’d be able to see it anyway.”

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With a grin, Ryūen went and looked at the results.

“Though, it seems that Sakayanagi girl did something interesting too, wouldn’t you say? Seeing as that she went and cut down your only supporter.”

While Ryūen spoke cheerfully, Katsuragi’s expression turned into one of remorse.