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Well, it’s obvious, but this room has only one bed.

I said I was the man and would sleep on the floor, but Ria said,「It’s strange for the master to sleep on the floor and for the slave to sleep on the bed」while nodding her head.

Since there was no choice, we decided to sleep on the right and left ends of the bed together as a compromise.

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(I feel that she trusts me a little too much, and her guard is too low… well, it’s fine)

Then I used the remote control at the bedside and turned off the lights in the room.

「Goodnight, Ria.」

「G-Goodnight… Allen…」

I was tired that day, and I immediately lost consciousness and fell into a deep slumber.

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Ria and I went to the classroom together.

We both are in the same class, Year 1 Class A.

Because we live in the same room, there is no need to head to class separately.

「And, you see! There is a traditional dish called Ramzac in my country! It is really delicious!」

「Really? I’d like to eat it next time.」

「I know a good store near Thousand Blade Academy! I’ll show you next time!」

Compared to yesterday – perhaps she was refreshed after a day of sleep, or she forgot that she was a slave, her attitude towards me had softened.

(It’s a hundred times better than her cold attitude last night)