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But as the time approached 11 PM, the presence of people gradually increased. When I had noticed, the cafe I was planning on returning to had already shown a huge success and seats were rapidly being filled up one after the other. In front of me, who had secured four seats in advance, a girl approaches.

"...sorry for making you wait". The girl who shyly came over was Karuizawa Kei. Something about her expression seemed to be different than usual.

"Sorry for calling you out this late" I told her.

"No, that's fine...".

Since I had nothing in particular to talk to her about, I simply stared at the scenery colored by silence. But since Karuizawa seemed to be staring at me, I turned to face her as well.

"Ahh, umm...I was wondering if everything went alright" she asked.

"It's fine. I'm sure the guys from Class A sent the mail to the school with my name on it".

I was able to say this because as insurance, there was one more thing I had besides swapping Karuizawa and Yukimura's phones. Since we had worked together with a predestination in mind to ensure we would be able to synergistically work together, there would be no worries on that front.

"How can you say that for sure?" she asks. "Isn't that because the paper you gave me meant something, Ayanokouji-kun?". The existence that creeped up from behind me, surprised us enough to make Karuizawa jump a little. It couldn't be helped, because that existence was the boy that Karuizawa had tried to break up with, Hirata.

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"Good work on the exam, both of you. Mind if I take a seat?" he asks. "Of course".

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Karuizawa shifted uncomfortably and looked away from Hirata, but did not show any signs of outright rejecting him. It is now 10:55 PM. In 5 more minutes, a mail will be sent to all the students.

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"It's almost time. Is Horikita-san not coming yet? Shouldn't we contact her?".

"She's the type to always cut it close. We can afford to wait another four minutes" I replied.

"Ahh. It looks like she's here". It seems at least in this case, Horikita has arrived faster than I had expected her to.

"Haa~ If I see this bunch meeting in front of my eyes like this, I can't help but sigh" Horikita said.