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Amicably enough, you've exhausted all possible measures, I'll acknowledge that.

But even so, Nagumo's malice exceeds even that.

There's no need to even talk about it at length. This special exam is a trap that Nagumo set without the school even realizing it.

The people caught in the trap are now beginning to realize their situation.

Their expressions, even now, have paled to the point it seems like they're about to collapse.

"Isn't that obvious? You disturbed our group's peace, Class A's Tachibana Akane-san".

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As though to let everyone hear, Ikari spat that out aggressively.

"Nagumo.....the promise made with Horikita was that we wouldn't involve a third party in this right!?".

Fujimaki closes in, looking like he's going to punch someone.

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"Hold on please. I have nothing to do with this".

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It's obvious he'd get angry. No matter who looks at it, he's involved, is the mood of transparency he's creating himself.

"Then, I'll be issuing the mutual fall notice".

Saying that indifferently, Ikari headed over to the teachers.

At the same time, Ikari's classmate Ishikura also followed as though they were sticking together.

Nobody could bring themselves to recognize that.

That includes the Hashimoto faction too.

"Tachibana-senpai slowed down Ikari-senpai's group. As a result, the average score fell below the border, and she'll be dragged down too. Isn't it as simple as that?".