How to make money on Taobao customer service

How to make money on Taobao customer service

“Well. You probably heard me earlier, but I’ve got a tough fight ahead of me.”

“That so…? Maybe that’s for the best though. If Miyabi were to start goin’ after you… things’d prolly get pretty dicey for ya, yeah? So here’s some advice. While you’ve got the chance, go meet up with as many groups as possible and───”

“Asahina, it’s time. Let’s get going.”

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Just as she was about to whisper something into my ear, Nagumo came back, causing her to swallow her words.

“W-well, good luck.”


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While she had stopped mid-sentence, I could more or less infer what she was going for.

Nagumo Miyabi had a strategy that only he himself would be able to implement.

A strategy that, if executed, would certainly make the fight ahead even more unsparing due to the peculiar nature of the exam.

That said, whether or not he would actually use that strategy against me was yet another question.

After all, as of right now, I was but a harmless existence that had no chance of taking up one of the top spots.

Reflecting on his painful experience, Pei Qian decided to take his lessons to heart and look to the future.

To get the ‘mysterious surprise within the System’s regulations’, Pei Qian had to work hard to make a loss in the next cycle.

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However, as one learned from experience, Pei Qian had already grown much.

This time, he definitely would be able to learn from experiences; he would definitely not make the same mistakes again!

First, he definitely could not put all his hopes of making money into wealth conversion!

Previously, Pei Qian had always looked down on income of ten or twenty thousand; he had always thought that as long as he made a slight loss, he could convert and make hundreds of thousands at one go. This way of thinking evidently had issues.

After the previous two rounds of settlement, he had only made thirty-odd thousand and twenty-odd thousand; that was only ten thousand-odd on average monthly.