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What are the online part-time jobs now make money?

“Time is very tight from the IOI Qualification Competition to the official start of the competition. It was impossible to move it forward and if this drags on, there will be GPL competitions for the next twenty days. There’s no point in dragging it on.”

“That’s why they can only clash. That’s a little awkward.”

“However, dates clashing aside, IOI’s popularity is so low. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Why isn’t the official platform creating much publicity?”

“There’s no sound at all. Isn’t this giving all the popularity to the GPL?”

“These people are too unprofessional. I have to think of a way to help them stir up popularity.”

“Hmm... how can I help?”

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Pei Qian could not help but worry for them when he saw how low the popularity of the IOI Qualifiers was and how no one was discussing it.

If IOI’s popularity did not rise, how could it pose a threat to GOG?

If GOG’s popularity continued to soar, how were they going to lose money?

Thus, Pei Qian decided to lend a helping hand to Finger Games. At the very least, he could hype up the popularity of the IOI Qualification Competition and increase the popularity of the competition.

It was just a matter of spending some money on marketing; it would not cost much.

Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation were both big companies that did not lack money. Why were they so stingy on this matter? Pei Qian was quite puzzled.

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However, on further thought, he realized that they might have been too busy in preparing for the qualifiers and had not taken the time to hype it up.

Yes, that was possible.

All the more reason to give them a hand.

However, Pei Qian had not thought about how to help exactly.

It was impossible for him to pay out of his own pocket. Pei Qian only had peanuts and could only buy fake reviewers on the internet to boast a little.

What’s more, the main purpose of doing all these things was to lose money and convert into more Personal Wealth. Yet, he had to spend his Personal Wealth before he lost money. Was he crazy?