Brush online shopping mall comment make money

Brush online shopping mall comment make money

Since he had already pointed out that Boss Pei bought branded suits and watches, how could he also persuade others to give those things up?

Feeling quite worried, He An continued watching the video.

“Obviously, this is not contradicting.

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“I have been emphasizing this entire time that we should not fall into the trap of this false dichotomy.

“We do need to make good use of our focus, but can humans really guarantee control over every bit of their focus at every second of every day?

“Of course not.

“That’s why I said that we should regulate our working hours to eight hours a day. Within those eight hours, we should work hard and study hard. After that, we can rest and relax.

“We must achieve a good work-play balance.

“Games help us to relax our bodies and minds. Whether the gameplay is unique or the game is particularly artistic or whether the game’s content is funny or thought-provoking, games would still be meaningful to all of us.”

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“So, games are neutral things. Do you use them to relax so that you can work better afterward? Or do you get so immersed in them that you escape from reality? That’s up to you to decide.

“Tengda Corporation never prohibits employees from playing games, but are they encouraging employees to slack off? Obviously not. They’re encouraging work-play balance among their employees.

“Rest is required to work better.