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“Alright, give it your all!”

Amano punched his thin chest as he smiled. I looked at him…and mumbled in my heart.

“Amano…even though I felt terrible for you, but I really wish a person that can warmly smile when it comes to gaming like you…can be accompanied by Hoshinomori.”

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I made up my mind again.

“Now that it’s decided…I have to tell everything to Hoshinomori. Let say we’re chatting on the phone, I have to be careful with my words since it involves the true identity of NOBE and Mono…”

“Ah, Uehara-kun. I’m sorry, but it’s time for me to leave.”

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Amano raised his head as he stood up next to me, who’s still thinking silently.

“I’m sorry, I just called you out to here. I…wanted to figure something out before I go.”

“I understand. Bye, Uehara-kun. See you next time.

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“…Alright..then Amano, we can play games together next time.”

“…Sure! Right! Then goodbye, Uehara-kun.”


Amano waved at me as he left with a smile on his face…