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「I see… Alright, I roughly understand Allen’s situation. So let’s talk about what happened after you lost consciousness.」

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「Yes, please.」

And I heard a shocking fact. After I was stabbed through the chest, my spirit core ran wild. With overwhelming power, that guy defeated Dodriel and the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, and then annihilated more than a hundred members of Black Organization single-handedly. In the aftermath of the battle, Thousand Blade Academy suffered catastrophic damage.

「Did that really…?!」

「Aa, it’s all true」sensei nodded, and silence fell in the director’s office.

「Sorry… I seem to have caused a lot of trouble.」

And when I tried to bow my head,

「Ah, don’t misunderstand me. Allen did really well this time. If it weren’t for you, things could’ve gotten a lot worse.」

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Sensei quickly stopped me.

「A lot worse…?」

「Aa. Worst case scenario would be something like… our students being massacred, Ria being kidnapped, and Black Organization escaping」she muttered with a bitter face, and continued to explain.

「If that’s the case, it wouldn’t end with just me being sacked. The Thousand Blade Academy would be closed down, and this country would have been plunged into great chaos. It is all thanks to you that everyone is safe now. Thank you very much.」

Leia-sensei stood up and bowed her head deeply.

「P-Please don’t do that! I didn’t do anything that significant. I only managed to destroy the barrier and everything else was done by that guy, my spirit core!」

「Don’t be so humble. I heard from the vice-director that Allen destroyed a very advanced barrier. And the strength of the swordsman directly translates to the strength of the spirit core. You can be proud. It was you who saved this academy, no one else.」

「Ha, haa…」

Even if she says that… To be honest, I don’t really feel like I have saved the academy. As I was perplexed, sensei eyed me silently.