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From daily necessities to consumer electronics, it seems it's a ranking that includes a variety of familiar things like that. Whether or not this manufacturer's detergent is good or bad, details like that seem to be written down.

Since I has caught my interest slightly, I took it into my hands and decided to look through it.

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".....it might be a good idea to just buy it and go back".

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The best cars merchandise summary in the appendix is unnecessary but since it's a bonus I'll just leave it be.

Since I wasn't familiar with the consumer electronics section, it could be useful as reference when I have to buy such goods. For the time being, feeling like Satou and her group have left, I raised my head.

However, for some reason, in my line of sight, Shinohara was standing around alone. It seems the other two have gone to the restroom since Shinohara seems like she's standing by alone in that spot.

For a while longer, it seems like I'll have to rummage through the book. Since I've already taken the goods ranking book into my hands for purchase, I'll look through the other ones as well.

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There were quite a bit of customers in the bookstore but, I spotted someone who wasn't fitting in. Indeed, an individual whose behavior makes it seem as though he were about to do something bad. It was Ryuuen Kakeru.

He's looking over at the academic books corner. Since I could not see anything except his back, I could not see his expression.

"It doesn't suit him.......".

He didn't have his entourage with him, and looking at his figure standing around alone, somehow it felt lonely. However, despite the fact that just yesterday, he was broken on that rooftop by my hands, for him to boldly go out like this on the very next day, I suppose it's as expected of him.

It's worth it just by being able to confirm that Ryuuen is now going out like this. Even if he notices me, our relationship is not one where we can stand around and chat so for now I decided to not approach him.

"Hey, you, you're a 1st year right?".