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“I understand. But still, wouldn’t it be better for you to make the decisions on rules for the commander?”

“You can take care of that too.”

“…Are you really saying that you’re going to fight with just the information I’ve prepared for you?”

“I don’t really know all that much about our class anyway.”

“Good grief… If you think you can beat Class A with that, you’re just being naive.”


The two of us walked to the front door and I stepped out of her room.

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“For the time being, I’ll thank you for today’s meal, but… please don’t use a method like this next time.”

I could already imagine myself being suspicious every time somebody offers me a meal from now on.

“Alright, I’ll come up with something else.”

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No, that’s not what I meant.

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(Part 11 End)

A few days before our confrontation with Class A, Keisei finally managed to get in touch with Katsuragi.

Shortly afterward, Keisei contacted me and called me out to a discreet location.

At this point, Katsuragi was basically isolated from the rest of his class and was often left all alone, so it was probably easy to get in touch with him.

“…So, what can I do for you, Yukimura?”

The man who harbors an unrelenting resentment for Sakayanagi stared at Keisei with a pointed look in his eyes.

“Katsuragi, there’s something I’m hoping you can help us with.”