Is the online teacher making money?

Is the online teacher making money?

“What’s up?” Pei Qian asked.

Game Designer’s design manuscript had been completed before the New Year. Pei Qian had also given his assent, and there probably wasn’t much that needed to be changed.

As for artistic resources and the actual production process, Pei Qian couldn’t care less. After all, he was the boss. To personally micro-manage would mean he didn’t know how to prioritize and spend his time.

Now, Boss Pei’s Daily Life was the project he needed to keep a close eye on; he had to guard it with his life!

“Boss Pei, it’s regarding dubbing. For dubbing of the voice-overs, I have already found a few more well-known people in the country for that; we have recorded a few segments already as a trial. Do you want to listen and choose one? I can’t decide,” Lu Mingliang said.

En, it seemed as if he should at least pay a little attention to dubbing.

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Game Designer’s entire gameplay (factoring every choice and every decision) was around eight hours long; voice-overs basically were embedded from start to beginning. If all the wordings were added together, it was probably forty to fifty thousand words.

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As for dubbing, the market rate for it was very cheap.

For a ballpark figure like fifty thousand words, the cheapest would be two to three thousand yuan while it would at most only cost up to ten thousand.

In comparison to Game Designer’s total cost, that was peanuts.

Pei Qian naturally wasn’t concerned about money.

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He was concerned—would the voice-overs be able to force players to give up on the game?

Of course, if they randomly took someone off the streets who was tone-deaf and spoke indistinctly to do the dubbing, the desired effect could be achieved. However, this evidently was a violation.

Pei Qian could only choose someone who wasn’t so outstanding among the pool of passable candidates. Even if he wanted to find someone ordinary, he had to find someone that could speak clearly and smoothly; he couldn’t find someone with an obvious problem that the system could seize on.