Is there a online chess?

Is there a online chess?

『Two kunais, child!』

At that moment, when I intercepted the log and ‘visible’ Kunai, I didn’t notice the similar delayed attack that was hidden behind the first attack.

“Gah!? Ah, tse~!”

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The Kunai pierces. The log strikes at my head. I reacted, but there was no escape route, and it was impossible to intercept, she got me good after all.

“Ah, that was cheeky...Eh?”

The pain made me flinch, but I must endure, I can’t fall down, and next I go on the offensive.... then, just as I thought that, Shinobu, who was in front of me until now, was nowhere to be seen.

“Water Art, 【Misty Wind Jutsu】”

Then, the voice of Shinobu, who was invisible, echoed, and at the same time, the deep fog covering the forest deprived me of my vision.

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“Wh-What is this?”

『A fog concealment technique, so to speak... Be wary. The opponent is a Jounin. In this fog, they are aware of your movements and whereabouts. Incoming attacks would be hidden by the fog, would they not?』

“That’s, come on, seriously!?”

Not good, the fog is getting thicker and thicker as we speak.

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It’s all white, and I can hardly see anything.