Buying chickens online

Buying chickens online

To that, the older brother guy can’t help but stare at the screen as he let out sighs in praise. …I decided that I can only clear this in one go, so I eliminate the entire enemy battalion in seconds. After that…

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“Well, give me that coffee!”

“Eh? Ah, sure.”

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…When the cutscene of the next quest plays, I quickly took the coffee from Keita’s hands. I took a single sip and returned it.

Ao let out a grumpy sound, …but I ignored her before paying attention to the game screen again.

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“Hiya, Saika-san, you’re amazing!”

When I’m thoroughly exhausted, Keita prepared to go home as he threw another wave of praises at Ao. In comparison, Ao smiled shyly and said, “No, you’re praising me too much.” That humble attitude made Keita fully convinced, so he complimented her even more, and the cycle continues.

Keita finally fell quiet when he has to get his coat on. So, Ao whispered to me during this time.

“Ayumu-san, I think I can finally understand a bit why you’re so unsuspecting at a boy like him. He…is such an innocent child.”

“See? Keita Amano is a guy like this. He’s not really someone from the opposite gender.”

After I answered a bit smugly, Ao nodded in agreement before continuing and toning her expression down.

“In a way, perhaps it’s better if all we need to worry about is his gender…”

Ao looked at Keita, who’s trying to figure out the buttons on his coat, and let out a confusing sigh.