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Finally, Lu Zhiyao threw the empty can of beer into the trash reluctantly. He wiped his mouth and burped contentedly before returning to his bed and began to sleep

This burp was very natural. It didn’t seem like it was designed. It was probably because Lu Zhiyao drank too hard so it came out just right.


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In theory, it should have been a ‘cut’, but this ‘stop’ was called out by Pei Qian. That was why Director Zhu Xiaoce hurriedly added a ‘cut’ to it before looking at Pei Qian very seriously.

“Boss Pei, is there any problem with the act?”

Zhu Xiaoce knew very well that Boss Pei was not only sponsoring this film, but he was also the original author of this script.

If Boss Pei had any opinions on the scenes in the movie, it must mean that there was deviation with Boss Pei’s original intent. It was necessary to respect the opinions of the original author and make changes.

Pei Qian felt a little hopeless.

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You are trying too hard, bro! Your expression from drinking a can of beer was way more exaggerated than Cooking Master Boy! He was only missing the ‘Great Wall of China’ BGM and golden special effects, the background of the sea and the sky.

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Pei Qian could even foresee a hot search on Weibo for ‘Lu Zhiyao drinks beer’ on the day of release of the movie.

Pei Qian coughed slightly. “This is really unnecessary, just act normally…

“The male lead is an ordinary person, just act ordinary.”

Lu Zhiyao’s expression went blank. “Huh?”

He was very confident in his acting skills. He originally thought that that scene would be enough to be remembered in the history of film, yet it did not impress the original author of the script.

He could only look towards Director Zhu Xiaoce.

Director Zhu Xiaoce pondered for a moment. “I didn’t think much at first, but… I feel that it does seem a little exaggerated now that Boss Pei mentioned it. Mr. Zhang, what do you think?”