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Ever since Otto’s cell phone was released and became popular, the brand had become peculiar and exotic. The words ‘peculiar’ and ‘exotic’ were neutral.

The cell phone had very obvious flaws. It was heavy, and it contained no independent technology. It was a product of supply-chain technologies and original equipment manufacturing. At best, one could say that it was balanced and typical in all aspects. There was no secret technology involved that was worth marveling about. Even the cell phone’s system was closer to the original Android System. Some people thought it was cleaner and purer, but others thought it was lacking and inconvenient. Still, the cell phone’s merits were outstanding enough that people could not forget them after witnessing them just once.

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Its brand was very distinctive. The mystical logo on the back of the cell phone had appeared on Tomorrow is Beautiful before. One only had to whip the cell phone out for everyone to recognize that it was worth over eight thousand yuan.

At the same time, Chang You’s presentation of the cell phone at the news conference had been quite notable. In addition to the various benefits and additional services that came with the cell phone, it was now unique in the market.

To many rich people who lived in Jingzhou or who heavily relied on Tengda’s other business arms, the cell phone was irreplaceable even if they possibly could not afford it just then.

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Until now, Otto had sold almost 160,000 cell phones already. It was no longer short on stocks, and it could supply cell phones immediately upon purchase. Although the sales volume was still increasing, it would no longer explode like it did before.

Those results undoubtedly still left Otto Technologies under the ‘others’ category in the local market. Hongcheng Technologies, the company that Chang You had worked at before, also achieved similar results with their newer cell phone models.

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Otto Technologies probably only held a 0.5%!s(MISSING)hare of the local market for now.

Still, the amazing thing was that Otto Technologies was prospering after reaching this sales volume. Hongcheng Technologies had sold that many cell phones before, but it closed down soon after.

The profit margins were equally small, but the more expensive a cell phone was, the more profit the company would earn. If a company sold a cell phone for a thousand yuan and earned a five percent profit, each cell phone would only make thirty to forty yuan. Selling a hundred thousand cell phones would only generate three to four million yuan in profit. That little money would not be enough to plug any gaps in the supply chain.

However, if a company sold a cell phone for eight thousand yuan and earned a five percent profit, each cell phone would make four hundred yuan. Selling a hundred thousand cell phones would generate forty million yuan.

Thus, despite having distributed its profits to the other subsidiaries and keeping five percent of the profits, Otto Technologies had still made a lot of money!

A virtuous cycle had formed.

Pei Qian had never expected that setting such a high price would cause his downfall. Of course, after calming down, Pei Qian realized that the sales volume was not completely unacceptable.

After all, the cell phone market was considered a sunset industry. The big brands and producers were dominating more and more market share. Even those in third or fourth place would suffer for a long time, much less Otto Technologies which was now below tenth place.

It was a miracle that the company could sell hundreds of thousands of cell phones. The most mysterious part was that, although it still fell under the ‘others’ category, Otto E1 was extremely popular online. Although most people would not pay for the cell phone, it was still very famous on the internet.

Chang You was very proud of himself.