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However, for some reason, Boss Pei was standing with the door open but showing no intention to invite Li Shi in for a seat. Both men waited for the other to speak.

Finally, Li Shi spoke out of curiosity. “Ahem, Boss Pei, aren’t you going to invite me in to take a seat?”

There was a moment of silence before Pei Qian said, “Come in.”

He was very reluctant, but he could not possibly chase Li Shi away just like that. What’s more, Pei Qian really wanted to find out how Li Shi had found him there.

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He was afraid that there were hidden dangers he was unaware of, and so he wanted to be cautious and investigate the truth.

Any little clue that he missed could lead to the failure of the Sloth Apartments.

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Pei Qian invited Li Shi in, and both men stood awkwardly in the empty living room. There was no space for Pei Qian to host him...

Apart from the huge television, the living room only contained a long sofa that could seat a maximum of three. Thus, if both men sat there, they would feel weird and out of place.

What’s more, there was no coffee table in front of the long sofa. Even if Pei Qian wanted to offer Li Shi a drink, it would be inconvenient.

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The only place where both of them could sit facing each other was at the small table with two chairs, next to the balcony. This place was meant for people to enjoy the view while sipping tea. This was also where Pei Qian often had his simple meals.

“Take a seat,” said Boss Pei as he approached the table and gestured at one of the seats to invite Boss Li to sit down.

They should have been drinking tea, but Pei Qian never drank tea in his own house. After some thought, Pei Qian decided that it would be inappropriate to serve cola to a mature businessman like Boss Li as well.

He would serve hot water, then—one could not go wrong with hot water.

Pei Qian retrieved a clean glass from the cupboard, one of the few appliances in the minimalistic home. Although it did not look like much, it had been quite expensive.

Pei Qian poured a glass of water and placed it in front of Boss Li.