Is it true that the novel is real online?

Is it true that the novel is real online?

“Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan, you two will be in charge of these. Show me your proposal sometime later. It will be great if you two can provide me with a rough plan by this week, and our delivery services can officially open for business by next week.”

Ma Yang patted his chest and said, “Rest assured, Brother Qian. You can count on me for that!”

There were similar delivery services that existed. After all, the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was currently also responsible for the meals of all Tengda employees. They had to deliver the food anyway.

However, they now had to perfect some details and hire more delivery men. After settling all of that, they could then cater to the delivery requirements in the vicinity.

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Of course, the delivery services by Fish-Catching Take-Out would revolve around the surroundings of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe before gradually spreading to other areas.

They currently only offered delivery services to a two kilometers radius from the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. As they opened more outlets, they could then naturally accomplish their goal of catering to the entire city.

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Strictly speaking, this hodgepodge-style method was not very economical and scientific.

However, non-economical and unscientific were what Pei Qian was aiming for. After all, he counted on the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to lose money for him!

If the brick-and-mortar store only did one thing, such as opening an internet cafe, restaurant, bar, or offering delivery services. There was still a possibility of earning money given the investment that Pei Qian injected.

After all, the system restricted Pei Qian in many ways. He could not produce sub-quality products. Therefore, no matter how much money he had spent, the services and goods that he provided were all within a floating range. No matter how cheap or expensive his products were, there was always a targeted crowd.

Turning the internet cafe into a hodgepodge could naturally make the various components influence and drag one another down. That would then successfully achieve Pei Qian’s goal to lose money.

Pei Qian was very satisfied with the state which the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was in.

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