how money orders work

how money orders work

Their entire conversation just now… was something she was never supposed to hear.

It was a premonition, one that chilled her down to her very bones as she continued to run.

She could definitely get away from them just fine, right?

And there was definitely no way that they, of all people, would come and chase her down, right?

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Yeah, everything was definitely going to be fine… Right?

Definitely. Definitely. Definitely…

From behind, the sound of twigs breaking and leaves crumbling underfoot could be heard. While Ichinose wasn’t that confident in her physical capabilities, she was very proud of her speed.

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Left, right, straight, the direction didn’t matter anymore.

She just kept running, completely lost within the forest, losing further control with every mindless step she took.

There was a strange, almost surreal feeling that came with bearing witness to something that shouldn’t be seen.

And it was that very feeling that drove her forward.

Ichinose’s eyes had been glued to the path ahead as she ran, sparing not even a single glance to where she had been placing her feet. So, in the midst of her delirium, her foot inevitably got caught on something, sending her toppling down to the forest floor. When she looked back, she saw the apparent culprit: a large tree root protruding up and out of the ground.

Although there was a sharp, biting pain in her knee due to her fall, she endured it, doing what she could to try and get back up on her feet again.

Just as she slowly began to put weight back into her legs, a large hand reached out and clamped down on her left shoulder from behind.

Ichinose immediately froze in place, surprised to the point where her heart nearly stopped, and fearfully looked over her shoulder.