How to talk online

How to talk online

“Give them in the order of first come, first served; thus, we are late waiting at the back of the line.

“If a company becomes profitable, we’ll immediately divest and sell it.

“If you make money after selling, then immediately invest in the next company.

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“If there is no profit, we will continue to invest more. We sell if we make a profit, and we continue to invest if we do not make a profit.

“In short, make sure that the company does not have too much spare money on the books. If all of them lose money and there is no more money, then ask me immediately. I will continue to support them according to the situation.”

The system was relatively loose regarding investment.

It would be difficult for Pei Qian to control when an investment project would produce a product so the system would not force the invested company to have an output, but it would limit the amount of system funds used for investment.

In other words, the money earned by Dream Realization Ventures could be reinvested at will, regardless of the system; but if it was invested with Tengda Group’s money, it would not be unlimited.

Pei Qian was also not so idealistic. It was alright as long as Dream Realization Ventures did not make money, it would be better if he could consume some system funds.

“That’s about all... are there any questions?” Pei Qian looked at the dumbfounded He Desheng.

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He Desheng blinked blankly.

Any questions?

A lot of them!