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「But, president… Wasn’t that gamble just now a little too dangerous? If things went poorly, you could’ve ended up dead, you know?」

The president used her own body as bait to make me stand at the center of the magic circle.

That was literally putting her life on the line.

If I hadn’t rushed there to save her, she could have really died.

「Fufu, it’s okay. Because I know Allen-kun will save me no matter what.」

「I’m not that omnipotent.」

「But, in truth, you helped me a while ago, didn’t you?」the president grinned happily, for some reason.

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「Well, that’s true, but… Please limit that sort of thing to today only, okay?」

「Eh… So you’re not going to save onee-chan anymore?」

「No, if you call me, I’ll always come to help you. But that’s not the point… Please don’t ever expose yourself to danger on purpose like just now, okay?」

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「Fufu, thank you.」the president said. And with a flower-like smile,「Well then, surrender, Allen-kun! In that situation, no matter how much you struggle, you have no chance of winning. I believed in your kindness, so it’s onee-chan’s victory!」she said, carelessly taking a step towards me.


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I immediately called out to her.

「W-What’s wrong? You suddenly raised a loud voice. It surprised me.」

「Sorry, but it’s better if you don’t move from that spot.」

「…What do you mean?」the president asked, tilting her head.